MEPs' candidate for The Nobel Peace Prize 2014

"Memoriał” opisuje i dokumentuje polityczne prześladowania za czasów dyktatury komunistycznej obywateli różnych narodów zamieszkujących ZSRR

During last EP plenary session in Strasbourg Polish MEPs from the  PO-PSL coalition were collecting signatures for a petition enabling the Russian Memorial Society to run for The Nobel Peace Prize 2014.  

Acting on behalf of their coalition, eurodeputies Krzysztof Lisek and Róża Thun are coordinators of this undertaking. The Memorial Society deals with researching, describing, and documenting cases of political repressions of inhabitants of the former Soviet Union, back in times of communist dictatorship. Over one hundred MEPs have already put their signatures for the petition, including people like Martin Schulz—the President of the European Parliament, or leaders of most of  political factions. Signatures will be collected till the end of the year and then sent to the Nobel Committee.

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